Aanganewadi Temple

Shri Bharadi devi temple in Anganewadi, Malvan is very famous. Every year in February, a fair of Shri Bharadi devi is organized and nearly 2 lakh people visits this temple in the fair.

This is the famous “Jaagrut devasthan” situated at Anganewadi, 10 km from Malvan. The Bhradi devi temple is in the village Masure. Anganewadi is the small hamlet of Masure village. The Bharadi devi is a very famous deity for her wish-fulfilling(Navas) power.Her devotees express their wish(Navas) before her and once the wish is fulfilled they come again for her Darshan(visit) to express the gratitude.

The highlight of Anganewadi is an annual fair some time in February, the date is declared after getting approval from the goddess] lakes of devotees attend this fair. The villages of Anganewadi have deep faith in ‘Bharadi devi’ and they behave as per her wishes.

This small hamlet completely abstains from alcohol. Alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden in this hamlet.

With spreading of the wish–fulfilling of the powers of this goddess, the goddess has many political leaders/celebrities amongst her devotees. All these faithful throng to the annual fair. Many public transportation buses, passenger vehicles ply from Malvan and Kankavli to Angnewadi. One can visit Angnewadi and come back to Malvan within 2 hours.

The name Anganewadi indicates predominance of people with surname Angane. According to a legend a goddess materialized in village in the form of a stone plaque, 400 years ago. Since then people have been flocking to a village for ‘Darshan’, every year. There is no fixed day or date for the fair. It is decided by consents. The method of arriving at concert for the day of fair is interesting. After farming operation are over, the villagers get together to decide out the hunting of wild animal to offer ‘Prasad’ to the goddess. The male folks go out for hunting with a stipulation not to return till the animal is trapped down. The animal’s flesh is then cooked & distributed among the villagers who then decide on a suitable day for fair. A decision is taken sitting on a mat (made by peel of bamboo) commonly known as ‘Daali’ in Malvani lingo. The villager’s decision is then known as ‘Daalap’. On the day of the fair, the stone plaque is adorned by mask, ornaments & apparels. The village barber then stands outside the temple & after sunrise releases reflected sunrays over the sacred plaque. In view of enormous crowd attending the festivity, the rituals now begins at 4 a.m. & ends at 10 p.m. One female member from each family then join in the mass cooking. A food thus prepared is offered as ‘Prasad’. This event is commonly known as ‘Taate Lawane (To serve the dishes)’ in Malvani. This event also marks the end of first day in fair. On next day, rituals restarted at 4 a.m. & continue till the afternoon. This day is called ‘Mode Jatra (End of fair)’. Though thefair thus officially lasts in one half days, variety of entertainment programs like music, dramas, as a folk were continue for the next 4 to 5 days. People from all corners of maharashtra as well as from off places in karnataka flock the place for the duration of fair. Various theories are viewed to explain the origin of the fair. One of them is that a cow belonging to one of the villagers used to discharge milk in the green wood which turned in a plaque. When the owner went out to look for the cow, he found the matter. On same day he got a divine message in his dream. He started to worship that stone of plaque. The word sprayed and people have since been visiting the place annually. Since the plaque was found in rocky soil (Bharad) the goddess come to be known as Bharadi. Over the years, the crowds have swelled to the extent where the queue found by devotees for ‘Darshan’ extends up to 2 km.

anganewadi Temple